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Q.  I bought some wool last year and just took it out of storage and it has holes in it.  What happened?

A.  Looks like you have moth damage.  We recommend storing your Justin Charles 100% Superfine Merino Wool items in moth proof storage containers or with cedar or moth balls.  We cannot accept returns on moth damaged products.  This storage method is recommended for any of our items that contain wool.

Q. How can I contact you for more information?

A.  Please call our customer service department at 770 213-1630.

Q. I did not receive an order confirmation by email.  Does this mean my order was not placed?

A. If your order was submitted (you clicked on PLACE MY ORDER NOW) and you printed off your order confirmation, then your order was placed.  The email confirmation may have been sent into a spam or bulk mail folder.  Look there first.  If for some reason it is not there, it is possible you accidentally submitted an incorrect email address (I know my fingers get big on the keyboard sometimes).  Try logging into your Justin Charles account and double check what you entered for your email address.  If everything looks right, then look at your order history.  If the order is there, that means it was placed and we are processing it.  If the order is not there, that means something was not complete and you will need to start over (sorry).  Please make sure you click on the PLACE ORDER NOW button and your get your order confirmation number and print that page for your files.

Q. How do I care for my merino wool?

A.  We recommend that you hand wash or machine wash in cold water on the gentle cycle with a mild laundry detergent such as Woolite.  Do not use bleach or detergents with bleach additives as this can damage the wool fibers. Do not wash with heavy items such as jeans or with items that have zippers, snaps or other "rough" materials as this may cause unexpected or excessive wear and tear on the fabric.  Line dry or tumble dry low.  Store any items that contain wool in air tight travel/space bag or moth free container or with cedar or moth balls to protect against moth damage.

Q. How long will my wool last?

Studies suggest that the average clothing item can be washed approximately 20 times before the end of its usefulness.  However, many variables play into this, such as how harsh your detergent is, what water temperature you wash in, what other items are in the wash load that may cause "damage" during washing, what cycle you wash in and so on.  For maximum life, please follow the recommended washing and drying instructions above.

Q. How do I care for my outerwear?

A.  First, close all zippers, snaps or buttons when laundering and be sure to remove all items from the pockets.  We recommend that you wash in cold water on the gentle cycle with a mild laundry detergent such as Woolite. Line drying is recommended.  To "fluff" the primaloft jackets (Northlander & Down Under), put in the dryer on low heat with 2 to 3 tennis balls.  Remove immediately once the dryer shuts off.  We recommend dry cleaning on the La Crosse Jacket, Vest and Zip as well as the V Neck sweater, but they can be machine washed on gentle cycle with a gentle laundry detergent, such as Woolite.  Hang to dry. 

Q. How do I clean my luggage?

A. If you purchased items from our Mustang Collection, please follow these directions:

      1) Use plain water with slight brushing or scrubbing motion - if that doesn't work then

      2) Try a little bar soap or flaked soap or saddle soap.  Only use soap if necessary on specific areas.  Sometimes a small amount of ammonia will help.

      DO NOT use liquid or powder detergent and NEVER dry clean.

   Q.  What if there are quality issues with my order?

A.  Any quality issues that are a result of a manufacturing defect, such as seams coming apart or a buckle falling off, would qualify as a manufacturing defect.

Q. What if I want to return stained or damaged product?

A. Returns that are due to situations beyond normal wear and tear are not allowed.  For example, if you caught your pants on a barbed-wire fence or your dog relieved himself on them, then, we're sorry, but that is not normal wear and tear or a manufacturing defect. 

Q. Why Merino Wool?

A. The merino sheep breed is distinctly different from other breeds of sheep.  These sheep are hardy animals, and yet maintain a softness in the wool that is ideally suited for garments that are worn next to skin. 

In cold conditions, merino's thermal resistance lies in its ability to immobilize air within the matrix of the fabric.  Trapped air is one of the best insulators of heat available. 

In damp conditions, when the merino fiber absorbs moisture, there is a small release of heat when the water vapor molecules chemically bond to the inner structure of the fiber - this response means the wearer should not experience chill as conditions get damp. A merino fiber can absorb up to 35% of its own weight in moisture while staying dry to the touch - very useful in times of physical exertion.

Merino fibers do not absorb liquids or oils, therefore, sweat carrying bacteria will not remain on or stain wool fibers, which significantly reduces the chance of odor buildup. 

Merino is naturally flame resistant and has a natural sun protection factor.  In additon, due to the elastic nature of the merino fiber, it conforms and follows the shape of the body, which gives the wearer comfort and freedom of movement.

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